Orange to Green Colour Change

Add atouch of magic to bath time and watch your children’s faces light up with wonder and awe with Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Colour Changing Bubble Bath. Pour into warm water and swish to watch the liquid change colour as it is mixed with the water. Pour in the fruity orange bubble bath to turn the bath water a wonderful shade of green and turn your bath into an ocean for sailors and sea creatures to explore, or add strawberry red bubble bath for a blue lagoon for a mermaid or pirate adventure.

Older children can perform science experiments learning how neutral pH levels in water can transform this red liquid in to a blue bath. This hypoallergenic formulation has been dermatologically tested and is mild and gentle on delicate young skin.

Use Kids Stuff Crazy Colour Changing bubble bath outside of the bathroom for magic tricks and spells encouraging children to find their own magical powers to change their potion before their very eyes with a simple magic word and a swish of their wand or hand.

Hypoallergenic and Dermatologically tested, PH balanced formula to gently cleanse and moisturise delicate skin.Paraben free.

*USEONLY AS DIRECTED. This product is not a toy. Avoid contact with the eyes. Should the product come into contact with the eyes rinse with copious volumesof clean water. In the unlikely event of skin irritation, discontinue use. Donot use on damaged or broken skin. Do not allow contact with carpets, furniture, walls and fabrics. Ensure surfaces are wet before application toprevent staining. Wipe clean the bottle before store away in a cool place. BETWEEN USES IT SHOULD BE KEPT OUT OF THE REACH OF CHILDREN

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