Santas little Elf

Santas little Elf


We all know us parents need as much help as we can get when it comes to the build up to Christmas and keeping the children firmly on the 'Nice List'. So to whoever created the idea of having having these Elves visit our homes WE SALUTE YOU!

For those of you that dont know much about Santas little Elf, or have never played this with your children, do read on. We have all you need right here.

This game more or less means some very specially chosen homes recieve toy elf sent from Santa Clause, who stays with you throughout the month of December and leaves on Christmas day. The little elf gets up to all kinds of mischeivous, crazy fun around the house but best of all keeps the children in check right up until Santa drops off the presents.

Here at Crazy soap we have so much fun creating our own office Elf that we thought what better than to have attached a FREE .pdf document at the bottom of this blog for all you adults out there to download!!

In the package you will find;

  • A returning Elf letter - for all you adults that have mastered this trick before!
  • A welcoming Elf letter - for all you new families out there.
  • Elf antic examples
  • 24 Crazy ideas for your Elf to get up to
  • 2x Official notice (you are on the nice list) from Santa
  • 2x Official notice (you are on the naughty list) from Santa