Festive Kids Stuff Crazy Foam Ideas

Festive Kids Stuff Crazy Foam Ideas

When it snows, its cold, wet, sludgy, and let’s face it a bit of a hassle. But that’s just for the parents. Kids love snow! They love nothing more than playing out, having snowball fights with their friends and family, building snow creatures, and sledding down hills like race car drivers.   

But what if it we don’t get any (more) snow this Christmas?! What shall we all do?! How will the children build their big white friends with carrots for a nose? Or make snow angels on the ground? Kids Stuff® Crazy Foam has the answer. Here are just a few Crazy (foam) ideas to give your household that festive feeling.

1. If you're happy and you know it, let it snow!

Turn your living room or play area into the North Pole by making it snow! Squirt some White Kids Stuff® Crazy Foam into the palm of your hand and clap your hands together, the foam looks like snow falling from the sky. The more you clap the more ‘snow’ you create!

2. Snowball fight!

Playground becomes the battleground!
Get your throwing arm ready as its time for a snowball fight!
With Kids Stuff® Crazy Foam, you can make snowballs by squirting some foam into your hands and gently moulding into a ball. You can choose whether you want to have lots of little snowballs for dolls & stuffed toy play, or one huge snowball to wipe out your opponent! 
With 3 Crazy Foam colours to choose from, you can make teams! Pink team vs Blue team vs White team! Who will win the great Kids Stuff® Crazy Foam snowball fight?
And best of all, because of Crazy Foams light texture, there is less chance of accidents when throwing the foam around*.  

3. Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? 

With Kids Stuff® Crazy foam you can turn your home into your very own Winter Wonderland. Cover the dolls house or fort in a rooftop full of white, or spray a layer of thick white ‘snow’ across your little one’s toy village, and help toys to have a fabulous time playing in the snow. 
Squirt out Crazy Foam and spread it lightly across the area you want to cover for snow-time fun. 

4. Christmas foam angels

Making snow angels that actually last has never been easier with Crazy Foam. Your ‘snow’ doesn’t have to be white, you can have blue ‘snow’ for that extra cold and wintery feeling, or add a touch of fairy magic with Pink Crazy Foam, who knew coloured snow could be fun rather than something to avoid? (if you catch my drift – pun intended.) Or you can create a whole rainbow of snow angels. Oh, and Crazy Foam’s cleansing properties help keep you and your children clean*.

5. Frosty the snowman

With a corn cob pipe and a button nose, and two eyes made of coal … and a body and head made from Kids Stuff® Crazy Foam, you can create your very own snowman friend inside your house!
As a child I always wanted to bring my Christmas snowman from the garden into the house so I could show them all my toys, my bedroom, and watch cartoons together. But annoyingly for me, my parents wouldn’t let me, I can’t imagine why! If only I knew about Crazy Foam back then!
With Kids Stuff® Crazy Foam you can create not just a snowman, but a whole snow family inside your home! Simply squirt some Crazy Foam into your hands and mould into the shape of a ball, make another smaller ball and place on top of the first for your very own ‘foam-man,’ use the different coloured Crazy Foam, bath crayons or coloured paper to create the eyes, nose, buttons, hat and scarf.


Use Kids Stuff Crazy Foam for everyone’s favourite game of nerve. Traditionally people use whipped cream for that festive favourite custard pie game, but who wants the smell of soured cream in their carpets for the start of the year?! With Kids Stuff® Crazy Soap, you can mix up your colours and take your chances. Just remember to keep your eyes shut!**

*When using the coloured Crazy Foam, remember to put covers over carpets, fabrics & furnishings, so as not to stain them pink or blue! Crazy Foam is ONLY to be used under adult supervision. Do Not allow unsupervised children play with Crazy Foam. Always keep away from heat sources and naked flames. 
** avoid contact with eyes, and do not consume Kids Stuff® Crazy Foam. Always use under adult supervision and protect fabrics and upholstery to prevent staining.